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For Voss, a Coletti Warlord, conquering the universe is a piece of cake. Surrendering to a fierce Coletti warrior is the last thing on her mind. When Voss is determined to make Zoey his mate, she unleashes her own brand of whoop-ass to discourage his pursuit. Their quest to bring the villain to justice leads to unlikely alliances in an interplanetary war, and more surprisingly, to love.

Who knew a Coletti warlord would think being zapped with a cattle prod as foreplay? Or that a clever opponent only heightened his enjoyment of the chase?

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The chase comes to an abrupt halt when the Tai-Kok attack Tucson, forcing Bree to team up with the Coletti warlord to stop them. Suddenly plucked from Earth by a crazed Tai-Kok commander, Jaylan and Bree find themselves stranded on a hostile alien world, and being tracked by a deadly Askole assassin. Neither of them expected to find love.

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Not only was Talree downright scary, he had a bossy streak a mile long and collected enemies like most men collected lovers. Flash forward nine months to a very pregnant, insanely hormonal and cranky as hell Kaylee. The Shani Queen Mother, a psychotic alien with a bone to grind against Talree, decided she wanted the planet Tartum—a barren piece of crap loaded with Ditrum crystals, and part of the Coletti Empire. Her master plan?

Coletti Warlords: Vexing Voss

Kidnap Kaylee and hold her for ransom. She thinks Kaylee will beg for mercy. Boy, is the alien bitch in for a surprise. The only one begging for mercy will be the Queen Mother. Wulf knows Yakira is his soulmate. Now he just needs to convince her. Yakira feels safe and cherished with Wulf, but he is a Coletti—the ultimate predator with a taste for blood, a passion for battle, and the need to control everything in his life.

Tihar travels to Earth to find and claim a Jones female. He knows they are fearless, psychic warriors, and talented in bed sport.

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Ten minutes after meeting Sarah, Tihar knows the feisty little human is the one he has been searching for. He thinks Earth girls are easy. The image of these tall, hairless, skeletal humanoids with mouths full of sharp metal teeth is forever burned into the mind of every man, woman, and child left on Earth.

Completing the nightmare are their three bloodred eyes that glare out of skin so transparent you can watch as your loved ones are being digested. No one knows how they found our world, or why they consider us good eating.

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The few peace delegates that tried to communicate with them got butchered. After that, everyone was too busy running for their lives to find out why.

For the first time in recorded history, every country on Earth joined forces to fight the alien invaders, and Central Command was born. The Tai-Kok ate their way across Europe and the Middle East until they had the bad luck to capture a suicide bomber and take him aboard their ship for snack time. He blew himself up over the Pacific. Luckily the ship crashed outside Tucson, Arizona.

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We salvaged their technology and have been using it against them ever since. Four years ago, my cousin Kaylee Jones mated with a Coletti warlord, which proved to be a mixed blessing. The Coletti and their allies now protect Earth from Tai-Kok and Rodan raiders, but this protection came with a price. They demanded we turn over all psychic women to them. Seems they need us as breeding stock. Why, you ask?

Six hundred years ago, the Coletti race was almost wiped out in the Great Galactic War. Unfortunately for the females, chemicals used in the war created a genetic anomaly, and only one female baby was born for every one thousand males.

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The Coletti women were going the way of the dodo bird. Facing extinction, the Coletti Warlords started raiding other planets and species for their prized psychic women.

They took her anyway. Any woman who displayed psychic capability was immediately taken to their home world to be converted.