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Winner of a Guggenheim. I believe I saw him beat Colson Whitehead in a poker game a few years ago. Record geek. Made them bold on mean streets and in barren dirt ball fields. He can hear them. He knows we used a long-dead cat for home base. Made believe we were Hank Aaron and hit a deflated soccer ball with a dinged wooden bat on the edge of a tidewater slough between a church and a slaughterhouse. In that game called pickle ,.

I ran like only the sly,. The sly four-eyed poet knows there are precious few safe places.

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Knows that stealing sanctuary is what one gets in brown places. That one will not stay safe, because that is not possible. That being said, I always thought B. Fairchild wrote the best baseball poems. But Young is opening a book that has no time for batting heroics or fulsome electrically lit baseball diamonds in approaching night.

The field grows crowded with Muhammad Ali, and an unlikely poetic hero in the swirl, Arthur Ashe. Joyous in its particulars, the collection knows a harrowing is coming.

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Because maybe Because we must. The above is dedicated to Sandra Bland. Robyn Rowland reads her poem 'Close' [View].

Robyn Rowland reads her poem 'Coming of age' [View]. Robyn Rowland reads her poem 'Death blooms' [View]. Robyn Rowland reads her poem 'Green Road' [View]. Robyn Rowland reads her poem 'View from the heights' [View]. Robyn Rowland reads her poem 'When he was young, once' [View]. Maurice Scully reads his poem 'Exposure: Tuesday' [View]. Maurice Scully reads his poem 'Poetry' [View]. Manuscript of Maurice Scully's poem 'Poetry' [View]. Maurice Scully reads his poem 'Sunlight' [View]. Manuscript of Maurice Scully's poem 'Sunlight' [View].

Maurice Scully reads his poem 'Tap Dance' [View].

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Maurice Scully reads his poem 'To Balance' [View]. Peter Sirr. Peter Sirr reads his poem 'Peter Street' [View]. Gerard Smyth. Gerard Smyth reads his poem 'Islandbridge' [View]. Manuscript of Gerard Smyth's poem 'Islandbridge' [View].

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Jessica Traynor. Jessica Traynor reads her poem 'Liffey Swim' [View]. Copyright of original resource Various copyright holders - see individual records. OAI Dublin Core. Enter search terms. Archival description. The collection captures the voice of the poet reading a selection of their work, and giving a very brief overview of the context and circumstances that influenced the writing of the poem.

For the majority of readings, the poets also provided handwritten or typed transcriptions of the poem, allowing audience interaction with the poem and poet in a unique way. This collection is an ongoing project, started in , created and managed by UCD Library. Bringing together the voices of Irish poets in a curated secure environment will ensure that this cultural heritage collection is preserved for future generations. Over time, the collection will become a resource of national scope and significance, serving both national and international readers and scholars with interests in Irish poetry.

Irish Poetry Reading Archive. Special Collections. Poetry UCD.

Irish Poetry Reading Collection

Archive contents. Pat Boran C. Kimberly Campanello 2.

Moya Cannon 3. Patrick Chapman 4. Harry Clifton 5. Creasy 7. Anthony Cronin 8. Catherine Ann Cullen 9. Tony Curtis D. Ailbhe Darcy 2. Peter Donnelly 3. Theo Dorgan E. Desmond Egan H. Maurice Harmon 2. Anne Haverty 3. Rita Ann Higgins L.

Jessie Lendennie 2. Michael Longley 3. Brian Lynch M. Aifric Mac Aodha 2. John McAuliffe 4. Medbh McGuckian 5. Frank McGuinness 6. Paula Meehan N. Bernard O'Donoghue 2. Mary O'Malley R. John McAuliffe reads his poem 'Ruin' [View]. John McAuliffe reads his poem 'Shed' [View].