The Great Ocean of Truth

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We know more of the stars in our skies — and not least due to the world leading astronomy facilities and international collaboration, here in Chile — than we know about the depths, flows and contents of our oceans.

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Important and precious assets in our global ocean. It is only about understanding more about the ocean, its depths, its resources, its challenges — and our impacts on it - that we can start to understand the truth about our planet and how best to develop it and preserve it for future generations. All these themes are important for the UK and Global Britain. It may come as a surprise to many of you that the UK with its Overseas Territories are custodians to the fifth largest marine estate in the world.

The UK has specific constitutional and legal responsibilities for the 14 Overseas Territories and a responsibility to ensure their security and good governance, through a partnership approach based on shared values and a right to self-determination.

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Through the Blue Belt initiative we are committed to protecting and conserving the marine environments of the UK Overseas Territories. By we are committed to protecting around 4 million square kilometres of ocean. In the UK announced the designation of protected areas of over km2 around St Helena, and km2 around Pitcairn; and a commitment to designate marine protected areas around Ascension — km2 by and Tristan da Cunha — km2 by Sharing ideas, experiences and developing plans for the future is an important part of this conference.

It is one thing to designate MPAs.

It is another to protect and preserve them. The UK has some experiences in the challenges involved, which we are keen to share, and we are also keen to learn from others. We also have some world leading science and technology and expertise in marine conservation and protection.

Our speakers include:. CEFAS — the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science is a world leader in marine science and technology, providing innovative solutions for the aquatic environment, biodiversity and food security. MMO - The Marine Management Organisation licenses, regulates and plans marine activities in the seas around England and Wales, to ensure all activities are carried out in a sustainable way. The MMO is experienced in marine management and also has responsibility for fisheries management.

BGS — The British Geological Survey is world leading, providing science and advice to government and research to understand earth and environmental processes.

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Tomorrow evening the Satellite Applications Catapult centre, will talk about some of their work to help combat illegal fishing — an economic problem and a global security problem. A number of other UK researchers and policy makers are talking in various sessions of the conference. Through the Embassy we can put you in touch with these and other organisations and experts in the UK.

Come and visit the UK stand in the pavilion. This has been the subject of wide consultation in the UK and covers the resources and economic potential of the sea; environmental issues; and governance of the sea. Perhaps that is why despite its unassailable achievement, science has not nor will it ever bring us to anything like a full understanding of the beautiful yet ever elusive reality laid before us. Intellectual curiosity is a gift--however life needs to be lived in perspective to appreciate its fullest joys.

I enjoyed your article, but nothing in the article supports your assertion: "Perhaps that is why despite its unassailable achievement, science has not nor will it ever bring us to anything like a full understanding of the beautiful yet ever elusive reality laid before us. What is the basis of that particular certainty? If you are implying that it is because the world HaShem created is infinite, wouldn't the discovery that the world is "really" finite as some mathematical physicists have asserted remove one's certainty? Why couldn't it be that HaShem's universe is ultimately knowable?

ocean of truth

Maybe that's what Olam HaBa has to offer! Nature, God's Creation, is so magnificent. I simply don't understand in atheism or materialistic culture. Simply sojourning along a beaten path through the woods, standing at the base in awe of the eternal mountains, should and can convert even the most stubborn hearts to God.

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The Mars colony will need workers who have the skills to build and maintain transit vehicles and rovers, life support units that generate energy, water and breathable air, and more!

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The Great Ocean of Truth

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