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Little Bit read one: Shelley has ceramic buffalo head. She ate sandwiches or granola for dinner. She put hot sauce on everything. He scrubbed the pots and pans every night and hung them on hooks. She sold them at the farmers market. Fungus was her trade.

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Before they left, Little Bit checked the bugs on the screen. One was getting plump and bloated and the other was wasting away. At the market, they set out the mushrooms in wicker baskets. A sign posted on a telephone pole near their booth said: Cheer Camp July 23— A call for sullen people, Little Bit thought. A camp for glee. Lessons on smiling. You want something done you have to go to City Hall. She knew they were of the world. Her father was of the world, she knew. She told people what other people liked and that made them buy.

People like to do that. Filled with antioxidants.

Go on and bite it and counteract the free radicals. Maybe she knew better than anyone. He used to be freer. She had grown up in Forest Hills, Queens, and Connecticut had seemed the wilderness to her but she liked it. During her first winter birds took the place of leaves on the trees, one at the end of every branch. Clouds passed fast in the windy bright sky. The changes in light directed her moods. The hours seemed like a deck of cards shuffled and laid out over and over again, light and darkness, light and darkness, signaling her into and out of her jeans, sweater, hat, scarf, bed.

In the evening, fog settled on the ground and the snow became matted with mud and tamped down with the textured soles of her boots. Canada geese honked and flapped and landed in the yard and picked at the sodden ground, their own rubbery feet sloshing and sucking. The solid walls absorbed her small sounds, muffled groans, and she felt the whole house settling into the ground, weighing into the earth. His whiskers were long enough not to scratch when he kissed her. He pressed his icy hands to her collarbone and then went out to shovel the walkway in a tee shirt and leather gloves.

She watched him from the window, his forearms flexing red against the cold and his breath coming in clouds under the golden glow of the bulb above the door. Maybe some chickens; a goat or a cow.

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It was that way at first. They used to go camping a lot. He had developed an aversion to the unforeseeable. She thought they would not have to ask this if they lived in the same house. She also thought that they knew the answer to this question most of the time. She ran outside and across the driveway.

He thought about it. When he decided to get his act together, no U. He did speak Spanish.

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Alphabet book is a poetry anthology on the inevitable strained relationships, with parents, friends, lovers and with oneself of youth. It explores the themes of love, hate, identity and the concept of 'self', self-love, self-hate and self-acceptance. As the first View Product.

Adding to the original Greek Anthology, which comprises 16 books of short poems attributed to Adding to the original Greek Anthology, which comprises 16 books of short poems attributed to many different authors—ranging from the seventh century BC to the 10th century AD—this compilation adds a modern fictional book similar in range, tone, and variety Hot Italian Nights Anthology 1: Books Sexy, alpha heroes determined to get their own way, and the women they love. Cue sultry, passionate nights, intense emotion, and romance that will steal your breath away.

Kodiak Point Anthology: Books 1 Welcome to Kodiak Point, where the wildlife might wear clothes, but animal instinct rules the Welcome to Kodiak Point, where the wildlife might wear clothes, but animal instinct rules the heart. This is a complete collection of the work produced during the Space Coast Writers' Guild This is a complete collection of the work produced during the Space Coast Writers' Guild Book in a Day conference. Participants took full advantage of new technology to collaborate on a book that included activities such as brainstorming story She encouraged me a lot during my journey into haiku writing and I consider her as my mentor.

It reflects the beauty of nature and is associated with tender anxiety of a child. There has been always a rainbow of pleasure from the critical analysis by iconic poets making my learning curve a splendid ladder. The flight of crane is a dynamic manifestation making an image of static linkage between the sea and the sky. The first line, in segment form, juxtaposes the genetic linkage with the other image expressed in the second and third lines.

And again, I liked it for the visuals it presents of a whole "flight of cranes" bridging the sea "with the sky". Chrysanthemum — 10, day light the tunnel retains its darkness. The interrelationship between living beings and nature has been portrayed through haiku. It extends the association of the living creatures with nature in the form of haiku writings. The minute observations enlighten the natural images and enriches the haiku literature. I occasionally do experimentation by assimilating the essence of scientific fragrance with the petals of poetry. At times I wonder Perhaps we are the Living images Of distance cosmic rays At an imaginative focal length.

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It looks fascinating to extend the beauty of haiku to get assimilated into the images of space and beyond. Some are as follows:. However, no one could feel sentiments more hearty than those the above depictions conjure up. A true gateway in consciousness. It shifts perspectives: the widest perspective shift occurs between outer and inner cosmos planetary and cellular ; and other perspective shifts involve human and cyborg, lunar and earthly, astrological and geological, cerebral and emotional; journalistic and poetic…..

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Association with historic events sometimes can be reflected through poetic membrane. Haiku literature can also link the historical sequences and major events in the form of archival and reflect the advancement in art, literature and science through time. A subtle use of metaphor, for correlation, coexistence and comparison, sometimes twists the fragrance of haiku. Just as the morning is the beginning of a new day, so marriage is the beginning of a new journey in life. The butterfly seeking the sweet gifts of flowers on this morning evokes a promising sunshiny day, the exchange of many gifts, and an array of colorful flowers.

So too marriage is a promise of future joys. The butterfly has undergone the transformation of a past life as a caterpillar.

… without pretension since 1995.

The marriage couple now will undergo their own transformation. The wings of a butterfly are fragile and must be handled with care. Is the crescent moon a portal from oblivion to this earth? What is the correlation between the crescent moon and the old man?

Layered, this poem can be metaphoric, and yet. This is a thinking person's haiku. It doesn't bore readers by telling all. It is our job as readers to interpret this activity-biased haiku. The Haiku Sequence can help stitching a long chain engulfing the impact of expression. The haiku are dedicated for the cause of those children who can still make the world a place of charm by spreading the light of beauty. The fabric of resonance knits the inner feeling of poet and its relationship with the nature, human behavior, culture and spirituality.

This is often expressed by haiku. Religious conclave tender breeze unfolds the hymns. Asahi Shimbun, November 2, Prof. Sunset-- the beggar lights up candle of faith. A gentle feeling that unveils inner urge and gets associated with intimacy of the surrounding creatures is the key of aesthetic sparkling. That is what haiku is. Every living being has its importance in the creation. It is through poetry, we can recognize them with high honour.

Their images through haiku assemblage a separate entity in literature. Staying thousand miles away from Canada, one can still scintillate the blend of beauty of nature and spread the immortal aroma. One-line haiku monoku , I often write, emits the feeling instantaneously.

The art of imagination needs to be extended in subtle form beyond the boundary so as to create the aesthetic beauty of haiku writing:. The essence of haiku lies in unveiling the implied expression of the happening of the moment.

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I feel that haiku literature can have a psychological overprint in the form of tender healing touch.