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Middle-Ages : It was during this time that the therapeutic properties of tarragon were discovered in Europe. It moved past its culinary skills and began to be used for the treatment of fever, upper respiratory infections, digestive problems, ulcers, as a means to stimulate appetite as well as to reduce plaque epidemics Roy, H. Tarragon , known in Latin as Artemisia dracunculus little dragon is a member of the Asteraceae family Craig, W. It received its name due to the fact that it was believed, long ago that the plant could cure the bite of a dragon or at least that of a venomous reptile, which in ancient times it was sometimes used for.

Charles, D. Originating in Asia, it made its entry into Europe during the Mongolian invasion. It is a woody, perennial shrub that grows to about 1. It is not a hairy plant, though it does adorn smooth and narrowly pointed leaves. It grows best when planted in higher density Nurzynska-Wierdak, R.

It grows most effectively in soil that is fertile, well-drained and on a patch of earth that is full of sunlight USDA, There are two main types; French and Russian. They have mainly similar pharmacological properties. There are slight differences in taste, texture and appearance; French having slightly smaller leaves and being more delicate than Russian for the pallet Craig, W.

Grow it in a pot or within your home USDA, Tarragon has been used therapeutically to treat ailments for centuries, from malaria to liver diseases, to reducing bodily inflammation. The essential oil of this bitter, sweet herb contains numerous plant secondary compounds, such as; coumarins, flavonoids, phenolic acid, polyacetylene derivatives and, as a whole contains approximately 69 distinct compounds. There are two peak times for when the oil of tarragon is at its highest.

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The first being during the beginning of the budding stage of the plant often in the early spring and the latter during the beginning of the plants flowering. Climate and region affect the quality and potency of the oil content as well Obolskiy, D. Tarragon contains numerous other beneficial components such as phenols, vitamins and tannins, all of which are beneficial in aiding in healing and balancing the body.

The wonderful thing about using the whole herb, especially when it is fresh is that its effect will not be singular on the body. It will not positively affect one single organ or system instead it will work on the body as a whole bringing it closer to equilibrium, balance and health. Below is a representation of the nutritional proportions of dried tarragon.

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The fresh herb will have higher proportions of nutrients and plant secondary compounds within it, therefore make sure to always go with fresh tarragon when cooking or making tonics. Concentrations of acetone, chloroform, menthol and water from tarragon have shown to be advantageous against pathogenic microorganisms Obolskiy, D. Tarragon has been proven to be an effective treatment for uncomplicated malaria. Aiding in the reduction of its transmission as well as the elimination of the parasite Plasmodium falciparum that propels the illnesses affect. The World Health Organization advises its use as the first step in the treatment of basic malaria Charles, D.

Tarragon has a strong antioxidant effect, reducing free radical damage and oxidation as well as reducing the buildup of both malondialdehyde mutagen and sialic acid virus enhancing Roy. Its high antioxidant count also makes it very beneficial in reducing inflammation within the body. Tarragon supports the stomach by aiding in the prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers, as well as increasing the secretion of gastric juices. Being a digestive bitter not only increases a healthy appetite but also aids in the breakdown and uptake of food and its accompanying nutrients ibid.

This variety of tarragon has been shown to be incredibly beneficial at supporting and balancing out healthy glucose and insulin levels in the body which is a great benefit for diabetes Roy.

Tarragon: An Herb Favorite of French Cuisine

Accompanied by a positive — holistic lifestyle and dietary changes, tarragon has the potential to aid in glucose metabolism and its uptake into cells. Through the consistent daily use through supplementation as well as included within food, it is possible to increase glucose uptake and make cells more receptive to insulin ibid. This antihyperglycemic action also has the potential to reduce hyperphagia desire to eat food and polydipsia excessive thirst in diabetics Obolskiy, D. Russian variety further aids diabetes by boosting glucose transport from the bloodstream into cells muscle cells in particular.

This action positively supports the body by decreasing blood sugar levels as well as decreasing the amount of glucose the liver synthesizes Obolskiy, D. The plant secondary compound artemisinin is not only beneficial as an antibacterial but also for increasing gastric juice secretion Nurzynska-Wierdak, R. It also aids in the stimulation of a positive appetite as well as reducing bloating and allowing for more nutrients from the food one eats to be absorbed into the body.

Its digestive benefits can be obtained either by consuming it alongside a salad before a bigger meal or through supplementation or a tincture. To reap the benefits from the King of Herbs consuming tarragon fresh and daily can be very beneficial. Adding it to your drinking water as you would do mint or lemons is an easy way to incorporate it.

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Adding tarragon into salad mixes, pasta, as a season for fish, chicken and other meats. Even sprinkling fresh tarragon on top of freshly roasted vegetables is an easy and delicious way to begin reaping the benefits of this herb. As it was used in ancient times, adding a few drops , preferably mixed with Epsom salts or a base oil- such as almond, coconut or olive can be very beneficial at both relaxing the body, reducing inflammation and muscle tension as well as providing vigour and strength.

Taking deep breaths and breathing in the essence of tarragon can also aid in refocusing on the day and week ahead. Adding an extra healthy kick to your salad or main dish is nothing to frown at. It can be infused with rice vinegar, lemon juice, coconut vinegar or apple cider vinegar. The addition of tarragon brings a healing and protective aspect for the digestive tract by reducing bloating, improving digestion, and aiding in the removal of the unwanted critters that lie in your bowels parasites and bad bacteria.

Cespedes, C. Antifungal and Antibacterial activities of Mexican Tarragon Tagetes lucida. Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry.

Tarragon Walnut Brown Butter Sauce

Volume 54, Issue 10, pages Antioxidant Properties of Spices, Herbs and Other sources. New York: Springer. Craig, W. Health-promoting properties of common herbs. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Tarragon: An Herb Favorite of French Cuisine

Vol 70, pages S-9S. Nurzynska — Wierdak and Zawislak, G. Lobster and pork head bon bons by Ellis Barrie. Slow-baked shoulder of lamb in hay with apple, bubble and squeak and mint jelly by Galton Blackiston.

Roast guinea fowl, boudin blanc, black cabbage and chestnuts by Matt Tebbutt. Whole baked plaice, cider onions, tarragon and anchovy butter by Nathan Outlaw. Braised beef tortellini with wild mushroom sauce by James Martin.

Tarragon Benefits

Smoked salmon hash brown with poached egg and hollandaise by James Martin. Chicken alfredo by Sunil Vijayakar. Beef Wellington by Mary Berry. Potato salad with lovage by Valentine Warner. Rabbit stew with Dijon mustard by Rick Stein. Fillet steak with lobster tail, anchovy and tarragon dressing and crispy shallots by Matt Tebbutt.

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Poached chicken in white wine by John Williams. Homemade puff-pastry and wild boar sausage rolls by James Martin. Baby squid stuffed with salmon and prawns by Matt Tebbutt. Roast turkey with lemon and herb butter by Matt Tebbutt. Classic beef Wellington with a Madeira jus by James Martin. Pot au feu with roast lamb rump and cockles by Matt Tebbutt. Wild mushroom risotto by Daniel Clifford.