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She'd been in the finance and accounting end of the automobile dealership's huge work force for two years. That put her low down on the totem pole as a relatively new hire. The fact that she put in long hours, was a steady, efficient worker, wouldn't enter into the final verdict of whether she kept her job or not.

Gnawing her left thumbnail didn't solve her problem. Neither would lying sleepless most nights. She did both.

Small towns like Gateway boasted of only a few businesses with sizeable payrolls. Maxim Motors.

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Gateway Plastics. Blanton's Truck Stop on the interstate. Gateway's 27, population owed most of its support to those three organizations. Jennifer stared at the computer screen without seeing its flashing icons. She was twenty-six, just beginning to get on her feet after years of working her way through high school, then college.

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Daylight had finally appeared at the end of a black, black tunnel. She had just moved into a small, but nice, apartment. Polyester vs. Floorvana- Inspiration Anywhere.

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Flooring Type. Style Type. Product Specifications Style Type Style Type Loop: Create texture with uneven loops, or choose uncut level loops for high-traffic areas.

VAR flaws mean offside rule must be changed

Pattern: Go for dramatic, unique visuals with loops and cuts of varying heights. Texture: Create a less formal look with the smooth, level finish of twisted yarns. Twist: Go for a soft, comfortable, casual look with this longer cut pile, also known as Frieze. Face Weight.

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The weight is determined by compensating for the factor of commercial moisture regain, as defined in ASTM D The ASTM measurements are accepted industry norms and the most accurate means of determining face weight. Made in the USA. Country Of Origin.

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