Staying with the original lender is a double-edged sword

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Finally the United States invented both the electric chair and lethal injection as methods of punishment WiseGeek. Even after these changes, some argue that the death penalty is unethical because of the possibility of a wrongful execution; there is a fear that the condemned criminal is actually innocent. In contrast, others argue that this kind of punishment provides a good example to other criminals, and it will discourage the crime and murder rate from increasing.

Life After Bankruptcy

Currently 34 states in the United States like: Texas, Maryland and Nebraska still enforce the death penalty while the remaining 16 states have abolished the act of capital punishment like: West Virginia, Michigan and Illinois Recently abolished in Death Penalty Information Center. And while some states like Rhode Island, which was one of the first states to ban the death penalty in , tried to repeal the act where it was somewhat successful over the years it has remained banned in the state of Rhode Island since May 9, Death Penalty Information Center.

The state which people are most familiar with by being one of the biggest supporters of the death penalty is Texas and as said earlier; with the changing of times, methods of execution have changed in order to take a less horrifying approach and Texas was no different. From , the Electric Chair was the way the state of Texas would execute their criminals and it was used all the way until about , electrocuting a total of convicted felons.

Then in , Texas adopted Lethal Injection and has continued to use it ever since as a better alternative, however still many people even in the state of Texas oppose the death penalty because of the accidental execution of an innocent individual Texas Execution Information. And the punishment for murder is, well it varies from state to state and by race.

Statistics show that the race of defendants that were sentenced to death in the United States since were Caucasian and African Americans came in second and the same statistics were shown in regards to the race of the victims of those that were executed Death Penalty Information Center. Currently, the U. And since the death penalty is such a huge controversy in the U. The argument still remains whether or not Capital Punishment should be enforced or not.

And in order to make a proper decision, one must explore both sides of the issue. One may believe that those who oppose the death penalty are mostly opposing it on moral grounds. However while that does play a major part in why they are against capital punishment, there must be more to their argument than simply that.

Granted, the use of capital punishment may be a more permanent method to keep criminals off the street as opposed to life in prison. However the economic cost to the tax payers may not be worth that warm feeling inside. However this is not just a financial problem in Texas; many other states such as: Maryland, California, and Indiana agree that the states could save a lot more money by using incarceration as a result Death Penalty Information Center. Incarceration has also taken its effect on young adults and teenagers that are breaking the law. When an individual under the age of 18 commits a crime or a misdemeanor, they are often sentenced to a Juvenile Correctional Facility where they are tried as a minor.

Concerns and remedies

Yet there are cases in which the minor may commit a crime that would be intolerable to adults and as a result, are tried as an adult. And in the case of Thompson vs. Oklahoma, where a man named Charles Keene was brutally murdered by four men including his fifteen year old brother-in-law William Thompson in ; the argument was whether or not Thompson should be tried as an adult and be sentenced to death along with the other three members who were held responsible for the murder Stevens. However the court ruled that Thompson not be tried as an adult because in doing so, it would violate the eighth amendment of the U.

Constitution involving the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment. If you run into a financial emergency, creditors want to know if you have any financial assets, like stocks, bonds, money market accounts, or certificates of deposit, that can be used in the short-term to cover your debt in the event of a financial setback. In short, the more liquid assets you have, the more likely you'll make your debt payments.

A college degree is something of a double-edged sword for credit applicants. While lenders surely recognize the income potential of most college degrees, relative to an applicant with a high-school degree, any burdensome student loan debt could give a creditor pause. In general, college graduates don't earn big annual incomes right out of the gate. If you add high student loan debt to the story too, lenders may hold back on credit approval, or at the least, offer credit approval but at a higher interest rate. Either way, creditors increasingly are looking at collegiate history as a factor in reviewing credit, especially for younger borrowers without a substantial income and financial payment track record.

The longer you reside in one home especially as the owner , the more likely you'll be approved for credit. Because "home stability" shows you've been able to make your mortgage or rental payments, and thus represent a good credit risk.

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As we noted above, a stable phone number is a big plus for creditors these days. Stability is usually a very positive indicator for someone to continue to pay on any obligation they have. Creditors increasingly view applicants who own professional occupancy licenses in high regard.

Unpacking the digital lending story

Official notification that you're a lawyer, financial planner, doctor, licensed technician or plumber tells creditors that your chances of having a high, stable income are higher than many other credit applicants. It's no coincidence that non-credit scoring techniques are popping up on the personal financial landscape at the same time robotics and "FinTech" digital-based solutions are emerging.

That algorithm will look at literally thousands of data points, and give the lender a score, which shows how risky you may be as a borrower. At New York City-based FigLoans, chief financial officer John Li says the credit checking trend is to dig deeper than traditional credit scoring models. Even so, some non-traditional personal financial indicators are gaining more steam with creditors than others. Wesley says that one of the more interesting credit application checks comes from the online lending firm Upstart, which requests a college transcript for potential borrowers that are more recently out of college operating on the premise that, fair or unfair, college graduates are good credit risks.

Meanwhile, traditional credit checks remain the first option of choice for creditors, but the landscape is changing, and more non-traditional credit health vetting models are in play. Expect that trend to continue, as lenders and creditors strive to balance that fine line between approving more loans and facing the risk not having their loans paid off.

7 Things Lenders Look At Besides Your Credit Score

Want to instantly increase your credit score? Until now, those payments did not positively impact your score. This service is completely free and can boost your credit score fast by using your own positive payment history. It can also help those with poor or limited credit situations. Other services such as credit repair may cost you up to thousands and only help remove inaccuracies from your credit report.

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