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They were just a fleeting dark something-or-other, sometimes seen out of the corner of my eye. A full, shadowy apparition…?

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That used to be something rare. Now, they seem to appear more often. Oh, I knew what he was talking about, but — at that point — I had no idea that lots of people were seeing them. Since then, it seems as if many more people are seeing shadowy figures. The figure moved like an everyday person. It looked like someone was walking on the other side of the basement, in front of a light source. And then it walked away, moving towards the wall at the far end of the basement, and the figure vanished.

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Had it been a prank, the basement was too large for anything but the hastiest getaway. We checked everything to see if a normal shadow could explain it.

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We found nothing. Plus that, his build differed completely from the shadow. We found nothing to explain this figure. At least two of us saw it. The reports have major differences. His eyes may glow red. He whispers warnings or baffling messages to his victims, and he consistently instills fear. Does that make him a shadow person? A while ago, I turned on a ghost-related TV show. On it, I heard the star declare that shadow people are killers.

In Dr. Who episodes? In really life? If your instant reaction is fear, and your instincts tell you to get away from it… run. If you feel as if any entity — living, dead, or something in-between — is dangerous, get away from it immediately. Maybe it is looking at you. Are shadow people evil?

Shadow people might be ghosts that manifest as shadows. Shadow people may be something entirely different from ghosts. That suggests a connection to ghosts. Well, aliens are outside my field of study. However, if this concept intrigues you, Nick Redfern may be the best resource. If you have the stomach or curiosity for that kind of topic, you may like his book, Paranormal Parasites.

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