Muhammad Abduh (Makers of the Muslim World)

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Abduh's teachings created a tension between adherence to the authority of religion and a willingness to accommodate the demands of modernity. His followers called for a return to the dynamism, tolerance, and flexibility of the first generation of Muslims through close study of the Quran and Sunnah. Abduh's associate Muhammad Rashid Rida d. In India, European domination after the Indian Mutiny and European missionaries' criticism of Islam sparked the development of the modernist movement. Indian modernism is exemplified by the works of Sayyid Ahmad Khan d.

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Typical of modernists, Ahmad Khan taught that Islam's teachings about God, the Prophet, and the Quran are compatible with modern science, and he placed a heavy emphasis on education. In the first half of the twentieth century Indian modernists had to address the question of how to sustain the Muslim community under a non-Muslim regime. One group, led by Muhammad Iqbal d. This group struggled for the creation of Pakistan as a separate Muslim polity.

The other group, led by Abu al-Kalam Azad d.

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Both sides supported democracy. Similar to the Indian experience, Indonesian modernism was sparked by nineteenth-century Dutch domination and missionary activity. The most important Indonesian modernist movement, the Muhammadiyyah, was founded in by Hadji Ahmad Dahlan d.

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  • Although the Muhammadiyyah established a network of modernist schools for boys and girls to combine religious and modern scientific education and advocated legal reforms through a return to the Quran and Sunnah and the exercise of ijtihad independent legal reasoning , its main focus was the purification of religious practices and beliefs. Modernism's influence has diminished in the twenty-first century due to Islamist accusations of modernist compromise with European powers, which prolonged foreign rule, and the perception of modernism as an elitest, liberal intellectual response to Western power, rather than an indigenous ideology based on Islamic principles and culture.

    Muhammad Abduh (Makers of the Muslim World)

    Modernist ideas remain alive, however, in the contemporary advocacy of the exercise of ijtihad in legal matters and the general principle of maslahah public welfare as a guiding principle in the evolution of Islamic law. The educational emphasis in modernism has gradually led to a degree of modern learning in some, although not all, religious schools.

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