Miss Emergency, Band 1: Hilfe, ich bin Arzt (German Edition)

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Simply select the store below that is most appropriate to your location. If you are having trouble switching stores, click here to disable the redirection functionality. I am sure we could come up with many more…. I am truly having a giggle here, also as a South African who moved to Vienna 3 months ago I find this article almost spot on. I am very familiar with the Viennese culture, having visited the city many times over the past 11 years and also being married to an Austrian. I love the way that these little innuendoes have finally been documented.

The one thing that really bothers me is the fact that no shopping can be done on a Sunday I travel a lot on business and have found myself on an unplanned hunger strike, not out of choice I may add unless you make the effort to go to the bahnhoff or airport for absolute essentials at 3 times the price. Got a couple of Austrian friends and they fit very well in your description. Congrats from Spain! Interestingly, not too many drunks there, although many slightly and happily tipsy men and women are having fun times — and few, if any, talk about business.

I live in Canada for over 60 years — and I like it — but the old soul is Viennese with many of the traits mentioned above. Eat Dairy. Am a South African living in Vienna for about as long as you. Didnt add 3 possible points : 1 : The word Queue, as in queuing in a bakery or airport boarding or suchlike, while it may be present in the German dictionary, has been struck from the roll in Vienna. Wow spot on with the queuing here in Vienna, I thought it was just me…. No biggie I guess, you just need to be on your toes or you might never get served…. As a native austrian I have to agree.

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Good description! Please add: Austria is one of the 12 richest countries in the world in terms of GDP Gross domestic product , has a well-developed social market economy, and a high standard of living. Austria is a highly developed industrialised country with an important service sector. The foremost industries are foodstuffs and luxury commodities, mechanical engineering and steel construction, chemicals and vehicle manufacturing. Unemployment rates in Austria 4.

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Compared with the EU average of 9. As an austrian, I vouch for the nearly absolute truth in this article. Love your article! And how I miss my afternoon coffee here in America!

And you can always score some points by complaining about the rest of Austria. Vienna is the biggest village here and we are very proud about that! In fact all the other Austrians are considered as farmers Bauern here! Carodale ex Sydney. Great summary. I do love the wording of no 5. But: you should have used the mango pic. Yeah, they use it on internet-forums, incognito. When somebody would tell me that to my face, he would risk a broken nose. I am from Vienna, and many observations are true. You still need to polish your German.

Mostly funnily written, though. Here, a classic austrian grammar nazi who clearly likes correcting and can not let a spelling mistake slip. Well done. The popular American sitcom Seinfeld has an episode about the Soup-N….. In American political discourse, the other side is often described with that word. I note that German speakers likewise have no feeling for the emotional content of many English words.

In South Africa, one cannot say Kaffir even though it means infidel and not black in Arabic. So white South Africans are Kaffirs in Arabic — which comes as a great shock to them. In Canada, Newfi referring to someone from Newfoundland cannot be used on license plates. Pingback: 28 ways to be Austrian I have lived in Austria for 40 years,,,I think that Austrians are very unpunctual…either arrive.

Earlier than asked or 20 minutes late or in some cases not at all… They seldom reply to an rsvp…one has to ring to see if they are coming…my wedding would have had all the guests there without one formal reply…maybe things have improved with modern communication. Lawn mowing…never on a sunday.. I dont mind the nudity but feel it should be in restricted areas as is done in France,so at least you know.

The sights you will see! A kiwi in upper austria. I have lived here in Austria for 52 years, came as a student, fell in love with a country and a man. Now with a big Austrian family I can only say all my dreams came true.

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What struck me about the article was that the things you were noticing are the same things I noticed first a half century ago. Obviously globalization and the EU have not changed all that much of the national character or the feeling of the country. I just linked to your blog post from my Facebook page, I heart Austria. If it comes to waiting patiently behind people in a grocery store or at a bus station, Austrians will ram their elbows into your face to get ahead of you in the queue or get a good seat on the bus unlike other countries where people orderly get into a bus.


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When I was 13, me and my friends got attacked by a neo-nazi because of my friends skin color. The guy was twice our size, and we all were still kids at the time. The other Austrians around us we where in a crowded area just stared and watched and only after ten minutes and my friend being punched in the stomach someone finally intervened. On another occasion a woman yelled at me in the bus for talking English with my friends, and explained to me that I am supposed to speak German in Austria.

Many years later, my wife was in her third trimester with a big belly standing in the bus, and nobody on the bus was willing to give a seat to her. That said, its a beautiful country, and I miss the pedestrian culture, good food, entertainment and other amenities that are so sourly lacking here in the US. If you could some parts not read, write back, I will translate it for you. Meine Gratulation zu Deiner trefflichen Analyse. Also bitte weitermachen. Schon mal in Tirol gewesen? Da muss ich wieder sprechen.

Also hat das nichts mit dem Nobelschuppen zu tun. Naja … Sind wir mal ehrlich. PS: Mich zipft z. Krone Hit Radio an wo dich der Verkehrsfunk duzt. Very accurate. Married to an Australian from Brisbane her little daily struggles are reflected in your 28 points…. The author is australian, but married an austrian. The commenter above is clearly relating to the experience as an austrian married to an australian who has observed the same things, not reponding as if the article was about Australia!

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We get it. People confuse austria and australia. But the commenter above did not! In his mind, he is king, not you. He knows his job and so he will come when he is ready. We accept it and are kind of proud of our rude waiters! Is this normal outside of Vienna? Oh gee! I thought Aussie girls were not that bright.