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Stay tuned for the thrilling footage after the jump! Risk behaviours exhibited by free-roaming cats in a suburban US town.

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This research quantitatively examined the outdoor activities of 55 owned cats by monitoring pets outfitted with 'KittyCam' video cameras. KittyCams are a type of Crittercam, designed by National Geographic to allow recording of a cat-eye view without disrupting behaviour.

We investigated the activities of free-roaming cats in suburban Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, during all four seasons. Research objectives included documenting the type and regularity of risk behaviours exhibited by free-roaming cats and identifying characteristics of pet cats eg, age, sex, roaming habitat which predict risky behaviour in the outdoors. The most common risk behaviours exhibited by suburban free-roaming cats included crossing roads 45 per cent of our sample , encountering strange cats 25 per cent , eating and drinking substances away from home 25 per cent , exploring storm drain systems 20 per cent , and entering crawlspaces of houses 20 per cent.

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Male cats were more likely to engage in risk behaviours than female cats, and older cats engaged in fewer risk behaviours than younger individuals. We hope this information can be used to encourage the public to keep cats indoors more often with consideration for their indoor quality of life or supervise them while outdoors.

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Figure 4: Still images pulled from KittyCam video recorded by 55 free-roaming owned cats in Athens, Georgia in Want more KittyCam? Check out the KittyCam website for photos and videos! X Account Login Forgot your password? Register for an account X Enter your name and email address below.

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