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There was a 58 percent deficit in the drugs needed to treat cancer and blood disease patients in the Gaza Strip in These included 65 medicines which are vital in treating Cancer. Some 4, women are among the cancer patients in the Strip, making up Ayah was once amongst these statistics, but like each person suffering from cancer she was more than a statistic, she was a true act of defiance in itself.

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Ayah found solace in not only her faith but also in nature and would often intertwine it into her beautiful paintings with the reoccurring themes of the sea and flowers. Art was Ayah's outlet and just like Frida Kahlo even when Ayah was bedridden in her final days, she still painted.

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Ayah is the modern Frida Kahlo of our time. Ayah would paint beautiful paintings of historical ruins in faraway places.

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When I once asked her where she had visited these places she told me that she had googled them and composed them into her paintings. Ayah never got to visit these beautiful places she had painted. It was only until September that Ayah's permit to travel out of Gaza to Cyprus was granted, so she could receive the cancer treatment that was much needed.

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The art scene in Gaza was shocked when the sad news of Ayah's passing had circulated on July 2 On July 10 a remembrance of Ayah was held in Gaza in which fellow artists and friends gathered to appreciate her life's works and to console one another on the loss of a great person and friend. She was much loved by all who knew her. A fellow artist and friend of Ayah's, Adam Shehada, who attended the memorial service quoted, "Ayah had a very distinguished presence every where she goes, during exhibitions I would think all the city knew her. She would spend time with all her friends and laugh and sing for them, she had a beautiful voice full of hope and strength.

She had nothing to say to young local artists but words of encouragement and support. All artists in Gaza miss her presence.

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Homepage : Society. Breaking News. Share this page: 0. Ayah was a phenomenal Palestinian artist, who sadly lost her battle to cancer. Her legacy will live on through her artwork. You've heard of the likes of such big names of female artists in the industry such as Yayeri Kasuma, Mary Cassatt and of course Frida Kahlo, but have you heard of the great and inspiring artist Ayah Abdulrahman? Unless you're familiar with the Palestinian art scene you probably wouldn't have either.

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On July 10 a remembrance of Ayah was held in Gaza Her travel permits for her cancer treatment outside of Gaza were refused several times meaning it was highly unlikely she would be granted access in order to have an exhibition. The New Arab Comments. Most Popular.

The daughter of Syrian immigrants and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Kutmah was part of a small but tight-knit local Muslim community. Her mother would support many of the refugees fleeing conflicts in the Middle East that had resettled to rural Kentucky.

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During what Kutmah describes as her formative years in high school, the brutal Syrian Civil War ignited. As relatives and other Syrians began arriving in Kentucky, the issues faced by those fleeing violence became much more immediate to her.


Upon finishing high school, Kutmah chose to attend the University of Michigan in no small part because she hoped to find a more vibrant local Muslim community than she found at home in Kentucky. However, arriving in Ann Arbor as a freshman, she described herself as feeling isolated from much of the work and personal impact she had when volunteering with refugees back home.

It made me feel kind of selfish. Ultimately though, Kutmah found a like-minded group of students in the Michigan Refugee Assistance Program, a student organization that conducts advocacy and volunteering work on behalf of the refugee community in Michigan. With several other students, she took her work further in founding REvive, a nonprofit that has conducted educational and vocational training workshops for refugees in the United States and Turkey.

REvive aims to help resettled refugees overcome several key gaps to becoming independent in their new homes, Kutmah said, including language barriers and an unfamiliar new educational system.