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Your request has been saved. Pages 51 - Abstract In order to examine the literature on the relationship between child-to-parent violence and parent-to-child violence, a meta-analytic review was designed with 26 effect sizes assessing the relationship between child-to-parent and parent-to-child violence in 19 primary studies. Keywords Child-to-parent violence, Parent-to-child violence, Direct victimization, Vicarious victimization, Meta-analysis. Figure 2 Flow Diagram of the Meta-analysis. References Agnew, R. Popper, K.

The logic of scientific discovery. Appendix Selected Papers Coding. Introduction Method Results Discussion. Go top. Your request has been saved Notify me when a new issue is online I have read and accept the information about Privacy. Method Literature Search An exhaustive search of the scientific literature was performed based on a multimethod approach involving 4 different meta-search strategies: Google Scholar, PsycInfo Web of Science and Scopus scientific databases, and Dialnet, TESEO, and Psicodoc bibliographic portals, as well as the bibliographic references of the papers selected in the present study.

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria Bearing the aims of this meta-analysis in mind, the inclusion criteria for the primary studies of the meta-analysis were that they: 1 included data on any type of victimization, and a measure of child-to-parent violence and 2 provided statistics for calculating the effect sizes means, standard deviation, standard error , or other statistics that could be converted to effect sizes.

Coding The selected papers were coded see Appendix according to the following information: a reference of the paper, b sample size, c effect size, and d reliability of the measurement instruments employed. Data Analysis The effect sizes were taken directly from the primary correlational studies when correlations r were provided.

La Importancia del Toque de Confianza Padre-Infante

Predictor and Criterion Reliability Not all of the primary studies reported the reliability of the measurement instruments used for measuring victimization predictor , such as child-to-parent violence criterion. Results Study of Outliers Prior to calculating the meta-analysis itself, outlier values in the general meta-analysis were analysed, that is, the magnitude of the association between child-to-parent violence and victimization, in order to identify extreme outlier studies, being careful not to eliminate moderators Tukey, Study of Moderators Child-to-parent violence type i.

As for the explanatory models derived from social learning theory, the experimental designs employed in studies were limited to examining if parent-to-child violence predicted child-to-parent violence lagged effects , giving support to the compensation model. No study tested the bidirectional model. Martina: The whole family returned to Caracas to care for her.

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After she passed away, most of them stayed. Martina: After decades in Caracas together, the family got into the flow of their new lives and their new homes. On the contrary, he loved to drive and Sonia remembers he knew the city streets really well. So everyone was a bit surprised when he started losing his way. Actuaba con inteligencia para esconder lo que pasaba.

Martina: For a while, he was so good at it that even his children had trouble seeing that the disease was advancing. Martina: They soon discovered that not only was the disease affecting his driving, it was also starting to affect his performance at work. Nos dijo que mi padre olvidaba reuniones importantes o detalles de sus proyectos. Martina: Meanwhile, the political reality of the country was changing drastically. Clashes in the street, food scarcity, and lack of medicine were making it impossible for the family to feel safe.

Finally they made an emergency decision: they would all leave Venezuela together. Sonia: Mi hermana y yo decidimos salir de Venezuela con nuestra familia. Martina: But it was very different in other ways… like the way people speak to each other, which is somewhat reserved compared to Venezuela. And on top of this, her father —and their relationship with him— had changed. Ahora es diferente. Ahora somos los hijos quienes tomamos las decisiones.

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But against whom? Hiram Walker is a man with a gift and a curse. He was born between worlds: his father a white plantation master, his mother a black slave. And, unbeknown even to himself, he was born with a special power. When he is sold to a new mistress as punishment for attempting escape, Hiram discovers her home is a secret hub of the underground railroad: a training ground for its agents.

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