Euroskepsis! Regionale Disparitäten und die Strukturpolitik der EU (German Edition)

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Capite che con questa situazione tanti cittadini si disaffezionano all'Unione europea, quando vedono gli operati di questo organismo, che non riesce appunto a porre freno a queste pratiche e invece indica delle misure volte a riformare alcuni sistemi di alcuni paesi, come ad esempio il sistema delle pensioni in Italia o in Grecia richiedendo sempre un livellamento al ribasso per compensare alcuni squilibri e la non completezza dell'Unione monetaria. Nicolas Bay, au nom du groupe ENF. Markus Ferber PPE. Die Debatte, wie wir zu diesem Ziel kommen, ist daher richtig, und sie ist wichtig.

Mir ist aber auch wichtig, dass wir das Ganze auf der Basis von Fakten machen. Oder haben wir nicht an anderer Stelle das Gegenteil von dem beschlossen?

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But tax justice is not the same as tax harmonisation, and I am resolutely opposed to the proposals made by the Commission to end unanimous decision-making in the Council. Millions of EU citizens, especially those in less powerful states, are concerned at this move towards qualified majority voting. It means that a tax policy could be enforced on a country against the wishes of the democratically elected government of that state.

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What we need is to build consensus for tackling tax avoidance together. In scenes reminiscent of our dangerous history, we are seeing revolutionaries of left and right in pitched battle on European streets. While I abhor their methods, I understand the sense of injustice that lies at the root of this conflict. Since the financial crisis, inequality has sharpened, with those who caused the crisis continuing to accumulate wealth and power, while the pain is borne by the weak and the poor. I have always believed that inequality is corrosive and that societies and people flourish when there is justice and fairness, but even if you believe that inequality is the engine of innovation and growth, you must realise that you need social stability and public consent for your businesses to make their profits.

This Parliament has made great progress in the four investigatory committees on tax. I commend those Members who sit on the right side of this House for embracing the task of implementing a fair tax system, but I would implore them to share that message with their national governments, who are playing the beggar—thy—neighbour game at the behest of corporations and blocking any real progress towards a fair and equitable tax system in the Council.

Corporations have used the process of globalisation to shirk their tax responsibilities. The expansion of economic systems beyond the reach of national governments has allowed the selfish and the greedy to find ways to hoard their wealth at the expense of others. Ensuring that the rich and powerful, whether companies or individuals, pay a fair share of their income and profits in tax is a necessary requirement of establishing a new social contract in the age of globalisation.

I think tax is the arbitrary taking from companies, from shareholders and from individuals of their hard—earned money. However, even from that point of view, you must understand — and I agree — that there is a requirement for tax in a civilised state.

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We need to look after those who require help, the weakest in society, and there need to be payments for defence, law and order, etcetera. Sometimes it may be the case that people want a government that will compete. I personally would like to see the UK tax burden, which is the highest since the war, reduced, and I would like us to have a competitive lower tax rate, simplified to stop avoidance but lower. I would like to encourage businesses and wealthy people to set up in the UK because we all benefit from the trade and investment that brings. If you are too cohesive and harmonised, you take away democracy and competition.

Auke Zijlstra ENF. De enige reden waarom we het vandaag over belastingheffing hebben, is eigenlijk dat dit Parlement ook nog Europese belastingheffing wil. Bovenop de nationale belastingen moeten burgers ook nog een keer het feest hier betalen, een feest dat ook nog steeds duurder wordt.

Bovendien is de Europese Unie niet eens een maatschappij. Ooit bedoeld als vehikel om handel te kunnen drijven, is het tegenwoordig een ontspoord internationaal rechtssysteem. Niemand voelt zich daarin thuis.

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Steeds minder mensen voelen zich daarin vrij. Het is dus terecht dat de Europese Unie niet het recht heeft om zelfstandig belasting te heffen. Voorzitter, dat moet ook zo blijven. De belastingen zijn namelijk al veel te hoog. Udo Voigt NI. Das ist eine soziale Ungerechtigkeit.

Und was geschieht denn mit diesen Steuern, die eingenommen werden? Othmar Karas PPE. Die Zahlen sind uns alle bekannt: Tausend Milliarden Euro an potenziellen Steuereinnahmen gehen uns pro Jahr verloren. Ursache: Steuerflucht, Steuervermeidung und Steuerbetrug. Das ist ungerecht, und das ist unfair. Signor Commissario Moscovici, io credo che Lei abbia toccato molti punti importanti e che noi assolutamente condividiamo. Tenemos que tomar partido por la justicia fiscal. Io credo che bisogna chiamarla col proprio nome, con il nome appropriato che vuol dire "paradisi fiscali", e credo che bisogna fare anche i nomi di questi paradisi fiscali: sono Belgio, Cipro, Ungheria, Irlanda, Lussemburgo, Malta e i Paesi Bassi.

E allora a che cosa serve rafforzare la cooperazione e migliorare il coordinamento per evitare frodi fiscali quando poi ci sono questi Stati membri che si comportano da veri paradisi fiscali, che agiscono in disuso indisturbati come paradisi fiscali all'interno dell'Unione?

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Paulo Rangel PPE. Joachim Starbatty ECR. Im Prinzip geht es hier in diesem Haus nur um Steuerwettbewerb. Man will den Steuerwettbewerb zwischen Nationen abschaffen. Und wenn Herr Giegold und Herr Simon sagen, wir brauchen das Einstimmigkeitsprinzip, dann ist es genau das: Man will den Steuerwettbewerb nicht, man will das Steuerkartell. Wichtig ist, dass die Unternehmen investieren. Darauf kommt es an.

Debates - Wednesday, 13 February

You can hear that in the name. It is fair and just that people can live on their incomes. De techgiganten zijn de grootste bedrijven ter wereld en betalen de minste belasting.

Europas Kohäsionspolitik: Mehr als Geben und Nehmen

Eerlijke belastingheffing, eerlijk delen. Europa kan dat op twee manieren doen. Ten eerste met een structurele hervorming van de winstbelasting. De huidige stelsels zijn gedateerd, niet opgewassen tegen financiering via de Kaaimaneilanden of intellectueel eigendom in Bermuda. Voortaan moeten landen weer bepalen waar bedrijven winst maken en dus ook waar ze belasting betalen.

De geconsolideerde grondslag, de CCTB, is precies een voorstel daartoe en Europa moet daarvoor kiezen. Want waarom gaan hervormingen wel over zorg, de werkloosheidwet en pensioen, en niet over winstbelasting? Ten tweede door middel van een belasting van de digitale economie.

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  4. De ongelijkheid dat de grootste bedrijven in de wereld de minste belastingen betalen, schreeuwt om actie. De digitax voor adverteerders als Google en Facebook, maar ook voor Uber en Airbnb, mag niet wachten. Dat moet nu. Nuno Melo PPE. Era o que mais faltava! Bitte tun Sie das! Also unvorstellbare Dinge, die die Menschen auch in Europa brauchen. Und daher muss die Einstimmigkeit weg. Smatram da je to pravi put prema pravednom oporezivanju.

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