Der Brief von Papst Benedict an mich (German Edition)

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You are currently visiting the english store of Analytics-Shop. I opt to work for change within the church. While John Paul the 2nd was very conservative I still felt cared for by him. I do not get this same feeling from the newly elected Pope Benedict. I can only trust in the new Popes words: "The fact that the lord can work and act even with insufficient means consoles me. An earlier writer indicated that the pope's age may be a bad thing.

50 Jahre Vatikanisches Konzil: Der Wandel des Joseph Ratzinger

I don't believe that. Perhaps his age was a benefit to his selection. Perhaps this is a "transitional" pope. The scriptures are, in my opinion, conservative in nature. We don't need a pope to lead us down the path that our brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion are going right now.

Once again in my opinion, political correctness has no business dictating church dogma. Sure, there could be some changes that would make sense, but not in the name of political correctness. I am tired of Catholics as well as non-Catholics who will find fault when a cleric reflects their own narrow liturgical point of view, and everyone else is wrong. We cannot choose on that basis, we must look at the whole picture and decide. There are problems in my church, but all I can do is pray for our new Pope, and see what happens.

Shame on the media for having already characterized him as a divider, to paraphrase P. Barnum, you can't please all of the people all of the time. The Pope needs to right first, not popular first. A sad day While I wish the new pope all of the best and am sure he is a competent and holy man, the decision by the college of cardinals to elect such a conservative man as the leader of the Catholic Church leads me further away from the Church of my birth and my family.

I had hoped for Pope who stressed inclusion and forgiveness --not more of the judgmental exclusionary policies of the last pope. My brand of Christianity focuses on Christ's statements about not judging others. I guess this is the clue that I needed that I need to find a new Church. This is a sad day for me, but I will continue to hope and pray that the new Pope is a good steward for the Catholic Church. Give him a chance In electing Ratzinger pope, I feel that people need to give him a chance before passing judgment.

I feel that the younger generations has taken a turn for the worst in our country and I do not believe that it is because of anything the church has done more of lack of parents guidance. I do believe that churches across the country need to get the younger generation more involved and changing some of their ways to make it more appealing to youth to want to go to church.

I feel some of the old ways are also good to because children are not children very long -- they are forced to grow up to fast in this world of sex and greed and no respect for adults. Are you perfect? A retreating church I am dismayed.

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Having lived through and welcomed the opening of the church during the time of John XXIII to see the church retreating into the same hard line, pre-Vatican II mindset -- a church that so required the light of Vatican II -- is very disappointing. I feel that the cardinals have stuck a finger in the eye of those Catholics who have welcomed the changes in the church. In the words so prevalent in our domestic politics, he will almost certainly be a divider and not a uniter. I expect to see the most conservative elements in the church emboldened to make accusations of heresy in an attempt to silence those who think outside of their conception of Catholicism.

Quinn, Port Washington, N.

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Cardinal Ratzinger is a man of the Second Vatican. Like the late John Paul II, he will continue to lead the Church through the storms of post-modernism. The Vatican has chosen a man who believes in the eternal truths of the Church, and he will continue to enforce the dogmas.

The problems of the American Catholics tell us more about our own faithlessness than any problem with Rome. Pope Benedict XVI is just what we need here. Koch, Mishawaka, Ind. A holy man I had a brief encounter with Cardinal Ratzinger several years ago. After he left our group I had a deep awareness that I had been in he presence of a holy man. Twenty years later, I am certain there is plenty more holiness in this man now than what I experienced then.

Long live Benedict XVI! Looking forward John Paul II created many new cardinals only a few years ago. These men are unknown quantities in the College of Cardinals. During the probable short papacy of Benedict, the Cardinals will be getting to know each other better, the young and old, the newly-created and the veterans, assessing who will be the man -- likely young -- to lead the Church into a new era. Truly guided by the Holy Spirit Excellent choice. If this decision causes indigestion for "Cafeteria Catholics" then they possibly should consider supping at a different restaurant. Election questionable Outside of Cardinal Ratzinger's qualifications, one would have to question the logic of electing a year-old man to such a demanding position.

Age clearly means nothing in the Catholic Church hierarchy.

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How many productive years do you expect from a man that age, who in every civilized nation would be long retired? There is a reason that government's and private business take age into consideration when it comes to work. Hey, there's nothing wrong with a senior citizen - 70, 80, years old, working, if they are physically and mentally able, but running a behemoth organization like the Catholic Church seems to be stretching it a tad. I am totally against ageism, but this election seems questionable, at the very least, from a long-range planning standpoint.

Proud German I am totally beside myself of joy and delight that one of my own countrymen has become the new pope. I am a German immigrant-turned U. He comes from good people in Bavaria, the best!

Zum Rücktritt von Papst Benedikt XVI.: Kirchenhistoriker Professor Manfred Heim.

I am just floating away in a river of tears of joy and I am not even a Catholic, imagine that! Heil dem neuen Papst aus Deutschland!

Γενικευμενο αγχος αντιμετωπιση

Hail the new pope from Germany Amen hallelujah! Truly frightening In an age where religious tolerance is being tested on a global basis due to terrorism and division among faiths, the election of a pope that appears to endorse a return to the "old ways" is truly frightening. In order to survive and overcome their many indiscretions the Church needs to embrace change, like allowing women priests, marriage among clergy, and encouraging open dialogue and guidance for youths in the church that live up to the reality of living in today's society.

Unfortunately this pope has proven with his previous decisions and actions to support a rigid and doctrinal interpretation of canon law. History has proven that when such a stance was taken in the past humanity suffered papal decrees that served the church not the people i. Magellan, Galileo I'm not Catholic, but I tolerate and support individuals of all religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, with this pope, I fear my beliefs may not be tolerated in return. A step backward As a Catholic, Ratzinger is a step backward. Ratzinger is too old. Yes, he has great credentials, but he is too old. If they wanted to have a Pope whom connected with the young populace and was as charismatic and worldly loved as John Paul II, they failed.

A strong leader The world is in the need of strong leaders. As evidenced by the death of John Paul II one did not have to be a Catholic to understand what he meant to everyone during his reign. Our prayers now need to support the name of Pope Benedict XVI and that he will set his own charter and will have the support of the Church and world in the years ahead.

A name sets a plateform for the history to be made. By their vote these Church leaders have agreed to let the number of priests continue to decline there are Catholic Communities with no pastor in the US alone.