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Throwing the mob into the mix who want the crystal for themselves so that they can control the world adds a little bit more danger to the whole story but it also lends some pretty funny laughs too.

Not so much what they do but how they talk and act, or so it was for me anyway. Although it gets really technical in some parts of the book and there is a lot of scientist type talk, it still is filled with a lot of action with a side twist of some romance going on between Lydia and one of the government agents close to the President, Bryan. It also has some rather funny parts in it also along with some dry humor.

The language is suitable for young teens and there are no bad parts in the book that would deem it unreadable to a young adult.

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And like I mentioned earlier, you will run into some really technical science talk and if you can get past that, then you will enjoy this nice easy read and fun adventure that Lydia finds herself immersed in. November 13, - Published on Amazon. What if aliens colonized earth with nano-technology and authored the evolution of our DNA? It's a fascinating question and a great premise for a novel.

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Gerard Lizee offers an intriguing answer, viewed through the eyes of scientists, politicians, criminals and more, as an alien imaginatively called Cryst initiates communication with a genius and his genius granddaughter. Reader beware! Some perfectly normal women with doctorates might take offense at Lydia's description.

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The Amazing Crystal is an amazingly detailed story, where every room of a house and every item of clothing is lovingly described before an abduction. Religions object and scientists cling to old ways in dismay; the Mafia fights back; and the power of the mind combined with the alien of course might conquer all. The English translation reads somewhat stiltedly, especially where dialog is concerned, and, while the storyline contains the sort of serendipity you might expect in a middle-grade novel, an underlying romance leads to a somewhat more adult scene.

The "What if" definitely intrigues, but I guess I'm not the intended reader.

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This book is to be read with an open mind.

Crystal Revelations

Read more. Add to Basket. Joseph Alexander Ovidi is a world renowned author, shaman, medium, master of crystal mediumship, meditation teacher and motivational speaker.

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He lives in Sydney, Australia but, grew up in indigenous communities around Australia as a child where his spiritual abilities initiated. Joseph runs regular workshops on Crystal Connections as well as meditation healing sessions.

He is also a regular participant as Sydney Pyschic Fairs where he appears on stage and teaches his craft offering healing and guidance. Joseph has been recognised for his unique art and practice with crystals, meditations and motivational speaking in which he has helped many individuals on the paths of healing and recovery.