Come il fiore dibisco (Italian Edition)

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Carmen- tlB l, adj. Vipsanius Agrippa, son-in-law of Augushis, and bis most distinguished general and supporter. Oileus, a less dis- tinguished waiiioT, son of Oileus.

Lezioni di Giardinaggio: come coltivare l'ibisco di Carlo Pagani

Me otfered violence to Cassandra, and was punished by Pallas. Mj', speai. Alba, -ae, [f. AlbfiauB, -a, -um, [alM-f nns], adj. Albalug, -a, -um, [fftlbO - - Ins], adj. AlbBnea, -ae, [f of talbono- ft. Alburuiis, -1, [?

Alcfiaor, -oris, m. Alcathous, -of, [Gr. Alcides, -ae, [Gr.

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AlclmedSa, -ontls, [Gr. Aldppe, -es, [Gt. Alcyone, -Sb, [Gr. AlesuB, see Halaesus. Aletes, -iB, [Or.

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Alexis, -Is, [Gr. Ibl], adv. AlleccS, -as [tlr. Hlloquor, see adioquor. Alm3, -SnU, m,, a Latin, son of Tt-iihns. AlSidSB, -ae, [Gr. Alpheus, -el, [Gr. Alpinus, -a, -um, [falpi length- ened - - nns], adj. Alsun, -I, [? Amaryllis, -idls, [Gr. Amata,-ae,[f, ofaniatUB], f,,wife of King Latin us. AmathOs, -flDtlB, [Gr. AmSzon, -onla, [Gr. Aminaeua, ra, -lun, [Gr. Aiiiitprnua, -a, -um, [? Ammon, see Hammon. Of objects of sight, pictu- resque, lovely, pleasant, charming: piorom concilia.

AmphltrySnlndes, -ne, tn. Ike Sibyl. Ampbrysiu -ob , -i, [Gr. AmsanctuB, -i, [amb-sanotnB], m. Amyclae, Sriim, [Gr.

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Atownin I. A Ti-ojan, father of Mimas; 2. The name of two followers of -tJieas, killed by Turnus. Amyntas, -ae, [Gr. AmythBoalus, -a, -um, [Am]'- tluMn -f ins], adj.

In disjunctive inter- rogations introducing the second part, or, or rather, or on the other hand, or in fact. Anagnia, -ae, f , a town of Latium, the chief seat of the Hernici now Anagni. Anchises, -ae, [Gr. AncbiseuB, -a, -um, adj. Andromache, -es, -a, -ae , [Gr. Angaltta, see Angitla. V, n, and a, Neut. Anlenus, -a, -um, [fAnien-l-Da], adj. Eng, spirit , mind including all the powers; cf, mens, intellect.

AnluB, -1 , m. Snser, -eris, [cf. A Libyan giant slain by Hercules ; 2. A Rutulian.

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Antemnae, -firuin, [? AntenoridgB, -ae, [Gr. Antlphates, 'ae, [Cr. AatSnliu, -i -li ,'in. Anto- nius, the distinguished ttiumvic, conquered by Octaviua at Aciium.

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AntSres, -ae, ni. A town of the Volsci, later Terracina ; 2. Aones, -om, [Gr. AoniuH, -a -5 Gr. Aones -t- insj, adj. Helicon, and the foun- tain Aganippe. Aomos, -1, [Gr.