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During her floor routines, Biles often executed what has become her signature move: a double-flip with a half-twist. In , Biles became the first woman to win her third consecutive world all-around title, giving her a record 10 gold medals at the international competition. In July , Biles wowed gymnastics fans with an impressive performance, winning the all-around title and first in the floor exercise and vault. Photo by Sean M. On August 9, , Biles led the U. She earned an impressive We wanted to do it for her just because she's there with us every single day.

She added: "This is the last Olympics where there's a five-girl team. The next Olympics is only going to be a four-person team. Biles continued to dominate the Olympic competition, winning the women's individual all-around gold medal.

Balance & Coordination

What made Biles' victory truly historical was that she achieved a 2. She went on to win gold again in the women's individual vault competition with a score of In a rare stumble, Biles fought to maintain her balance, scoring Biles's teammate Raisman took the silver in the floor exercise and Amy Tinkler of Great Britain won bronze.

After taking much of off, Biles returned to intensive training and resumed her place at the top of her sport. In August , she swept all four events at the U. Gymnastics Championships to win the competition by a whopping 6.

More: Biles surprised by her greatness: I really don't know how I do it sometimes. All of them. Biles had tied Scherbo on Saturday after winning the vault title. Biles had won the beam title at the and worlds, and was the favorite for the gold in Rio.

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But her foot slipped on the landing of a front tuck, and she had to grab the beam to keep from falling off. She still won a bronze medal, but her confidence was shaken.

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Another wobbly performance last year, which also earned her a bronze, only deepened her insecurities. But Cecile Landi, who coaches Biles with husband Laurent and is responsible for beam, reworked her routine and helped her regain her faith in herself. Simone Biles sets record for most world gymnastics championship medals.

And get this: Even with a mistake of stepping out of bounds three times on floor exercise, one of her strongest events, Biles' lead still increased by almost a full point.

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On Saturday, Biles won the vault by more than half a point, averaging On Sunday, her score on floor, a Simone Biles and her 'double double' should make you think. I feel like it's just like not me.

The Comeback Story - Motivational Video

I wish I could have an out-of-body experience to witness it because sometimes I think I'm going crazy. Biles is redefining gymnastics. She wows crowds and teammates alike with her power, focus and confidence.

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She has multiple moves named after her that like tongue twisters are hard enough to say let alone perform gymnastically. Two of the latest ones are a triple twisting double tuck on floor and a double twisting double tuck dismount off the beam. She's won the most gold medals at a single Olympics, with four in Rio in She has 19 world titles. She's the most decorated American gymnast of all time.