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I love both Muddy and Eric so listening to this makes me really pleased. I think he should record a blues album just full of Muddy Waters classics. I think it would be great.

Reminds me of Cream somewhat. This particular project reminds of the "Blind Faith" album in that the circumstances surrounding its release were less than perfect but the music remains strong and vibrant to the present day. The resulting album. The latest sessions produced a piece of work which ranks among E. Cale-like rocker which was wisely tapped as the single.

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This closing selection also features inspired relentless drumming by Henry Spinetti which is very similar in feel to Jim Gordan's work with Derek and the Dominos. Unfortunately Clapton never really had the opportunity to showcase this album on the road as a planned U. Still, like the "Blind Faith" album from , "Another Ticket" stands the test of time and proved to be Clapton's best solo album since " Ocean Boulevard".

This album is highly recommended.

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Another Ticket

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